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Daniel Lynn Peak

"Elfsong Part 5" by Daniel Lynn Peak

SciFi/Fantasy text 6 out of 33 by Daniel Lynn Peak.      ←Previous - Next→
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The prophecy is revealed as Fayn learns the shocking truth of her past...

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                                                              ELFSONG (Part Five)                                                       

                                                       Book One: Symphony (Ch.5)



          The Song priestess turned toward the shout, her flowing blond hair shimmering in the sunlight like streams of gold. She smiled brightly, a gentle warmth reflected in her forest green eyes. In the distance was a young blue-haired elf girl in an oversized brown tunic, running toward her with arms raised toward the sky.

          Galdriel kneeled down, her layered white dress bunching up around her feet. The young elf jumped into her arms giggling and began to kiss the priestess on the cheek repeatedly. Galdriel blushed and gently embraced the child in her arms. “Good morning Fayn.”

          “So, I was down near the Wellspring, and you know what I saw?” Fayn asked excitedly.

          Galdriel chuckled. “What did you see little one?”

          Fayn looked around conspiratorially with her eyes and whispered softly. “I saw a unicorn Galdriel, sipping water from the spring.”

          “Did you now?” Galdriel looked directly into the child‘s silver eyes. “Do you know what that means my child?”

          Fayn was wide-eyed with wonderment. “No, what?”

          “A unicorn only appears to those that are pure of heart. Your innocence attracted the creature.” Galdriel took Fayn off her lap and rose to full height. She took the child’s hand and led her across the courtyard they were in to a small garden in the heart of the village. “The unicorn is a spirit of life, and a visit from one is a rare treat. Do you understand my child?”

          “Umm, I think so.“ Fayn blinked her eyes and scratched her head.

          Galdriel sat Fayn down with her on the marble base of a fountain in the middle of the garden. Placing her hand in the crystal clear water, she answered the child. “The unicorn appears as a reflection of your soul. Long lasting life in pureness of mind and body. Never lose hope my child, and the unicorn will always watch over you”

          “I promise Galdriel!” Fayn smiled and ran off through the garden. “Bye!”

          Galdriel smiled and waved as the child ran off, not a care in the world.




          The memories of the past wavered before her and Fayn felt a sudden sadness. Her innocence was being forcefully taken from her. She was lost in a darkness she had never known, and could not find a sliver of light to hold on to. The wraith that attacked her had stolen her life energy, bleeding her dry of all that she had. She needed something to cling to, someone to reach out for. Memories were all that remained.

          “Child, can you hear me?” came a voice.

          “Galdriel? Is that you?” Fayn replied.

          Fayn focused on the voice and willed herself into her own memory. She looked around and blinked into the light that now surrounded her. There before her was the fountain, the garden, and the village as she had known it. In the body of her younger self, Fayn sat on the fountain, Galdriel beside her. “I am here my child.”

          Fayn sat up and backed away from the priestess to look around. “How is this possible? How am I a child again?”

          Galdriel came to stand before Fayn and placed her hand on the little girls shoulder. “You are within the confines of your own memories, your only link to the physical plane. The shadow wraiths conjured by the elders were tasked to wipe away your mind, leaving only the body. The elders need you alive, but your mind is a liability to them.”

          “So what has happened?” Fayn asked, fear in her voice. “How are you here with me?”

          Galdriel sighed. “I gave you the spell to unbind my soul from its flesh prison. However, you were cut off during the song, and my soul was only partially released.”

          Fayn was distressed. “What does that mean? What happened to your soul?”

          “I never crossed over to the Song Stream,” Galdriel continued, “my soul was stuck between planes. I called out to you, for I could see what was transpiring. My spirit wavered, unable to act.”

          “I am sorry Galdriel, this is all my fault.” The child cried out, tears sliding down her cheeks, her young face reflected in the waters of the fountain.

          Galdriel took Fayn into her arms and held her close. “Do not fret little one, there is more. At the moment the wraith tore at your consciousness you called out my name. With your last remaining willpower you managed to summon my spirit from the ethereal realm onto the physical plane.”

          “How is that possible?” Fayn questioningly looked up at her mentor.

          “I am not sure how, only that it was done.” Galdriel closed her eyes inwardly. “I am now in essence a guardian spirit, tied to your consciousness, formed into being from the recesses of your memories.”

          “My memories?” Fayn asked.

          “The wraiths took apart your mind,” she explained, “their dark energy was spreading like a cancer, feeding on your memories. You instinctively clung to this memory and kept hold of it. My soul latched on and was summoned forth.”

          Fayn moved out of Galdriel’s embrace and took a few steps away from the fountain. She kneeled down in the garden and ran her young hand across the grass. “Why this memory?”

          Galdriel stood up and for a moment was caught in quiet contemplation. “Tell me, my child,” she began slowly, forming the question as she spoke it, “what happened when you encountered the unicorn?”

          “What happened?” Fayn was confused. “The creature was drinking water from the spring.”

          “You told me that.” Galdriel waved it away dismissively. “What happened after that? You never did tell me the full story.”

          Fayn looked in the distance and tried to recall that time, nearly a cycle before. “I don’t remember exactly, it was so long ago.”

          Galdriel turned away and began to walk at a fast pace down a path that led beyond the garden and toward the forest. “This just will not do. Come Fayn, let us take a walk through your memories and discover what importance lies within them.”

          Fayn, in her youthful form, followed Galdriel as the village faded away and new surroundings took shape around them. Fayn found herself near the Wellspring, Galdriel standing apart from her, watching from afar. She saw herself move, her little legs taking a step forward on their own.

          Fayn was reliving her memories as they were taking place. Before her stood a beautiful unicorn, white as snow, its horn gleaming a majestic golden hue. The creature finished sipping from the spring water and raised its head to look at the young child as she came close.

          The unicorn shook its mane and neighed, causing Fayn to stumble and fall into the water with a splash. She struggled to find purchase, her oversized tunic now wet and cumbersome to her small petite form. Strands of her blue hair covered her in a tangled mess.

          Fayn brushed the hair from her face and was startled to find the unicorn above her, staring down at her with its piercing golden eyes.With a trembling hand Fayn reached up and gently touched the golden horn. In that instant there was a flash of light, and Fayn could feel a warmth enter her body, a sense of peaceful tranquility filling her entire being.

          “This is the moment, the purpose of the memory.” Galdriel spoke with conviction. “The unicorn just blessed you with its light.”

          “What does it mean?” Fayn asked.

          Galdriel explained. “Each unicorn that is born to this world can bless one pure soul. They must choose a worthy candidate, and once found, pass the light to them. Think of the light as a protection spell, a spell to ward off the darkness. Once the blessing has been bestowed, you will forever share a bond with the unicorn’s spirit."

          “A protection spell..." Fayn said to herself.

          “Yes, unicorn magic is powerful. I assume, that to stop the wraith from devouring your entire mind, you were left with a single memory. The memory of that day, which I believe also holds the spell.”

          Fayn concentrated on the fading embers of the memory before her. The scene shifted and Fayn found herself back in the void, alone and surrounded by darkness. She watched as the memory formed itself into a single sphere of golden light.

          “This is it Fayn,” came Galdriel’s ethereal voice, “touch the light and return to us.”

          “To drive away the darkness.” Fayn softly said to herself as she reached up and took hold of the sphere. The light flared and Fayn watched as her young body changed into that of her present self. Her blue hair grew long, her legs stretched and thinned, and the tunic was replaced by leather. Memories flooded into her mind and Fayn felt as if she was being reborn in the light of the unicorn. The surrounding darkness was replaced by golden light, and Fayn returned to the world.




          “Look, I think she’s coming out of it!”

          Fayn opened her eyes slowly, and immediately had to squint at the sparkle of Mari’s pixie dust and rainbow colored hair. She groaned, her body feeling weak and nauseous, as she tried to sit up to take a look around. Fayn was lying down on a small Song enforced leaf cot in what looked to be a dwelling in the village. Mari moved out of the way and came to sit cross-legged at the end of the bed.

          Daryn stood up from a stool near the window and rushed over to Fayn, his face overdrawn with concern. “Fayn, are you alright? I…we were so worried,” Daryn stammered out clumsily.

          Fayn smiled and nearly laughed, except that a searing pain shot through her chest, and she choked out a hoarse cough. When the fit subsided she smiled weakly and jokingly replied, “Never better.”

          “You were struck by the talons of a shadow wraith my child.” came the already familiar ethereal voice. “While not a physical attack, the damage done to your mind has put a devastating strain on your body. You will need to rest, recover from your ordeal.”

          Fayn glanced over to her side to see Galdriel leaning against the back wall, a soft azure gleam surrounding her. So it wasn’t just a dream, she realized. Fayn sat up, shaking off a dizzy spell and fought to get her bearings. She breathed in deep and then exhaled slowly, calming down her nerves. She felt like she was missing something and took a look around the room. Her eyes found what her heart was seeking; Liana, her mother, sat in a chair in a shadowy corner of the dwelling, staring at the wall.

          “Mother, you’re here.” Fayn spoke softly.

          Liana turned from the wall and looked toward Fayn, her eyes averted. “I am glad to see you are recovering Fayn.”

          Fayn sighed inwardly, having been used to how her mother acted around her. Liana was a quiet reserved woman, an instructor for the wind choir. She would instruct her students in the lessons, but would retreat soon after in solitude within the prayer chambers. Fayn was always left to her own devices, which usually found her caught in some form of innocent mischief.

          Galdriel took to the bright eyed, blue haired child immediately and began to tutor Fayn privately. She taught her skills that were not shared within the choir. A motherly attachment developed and Fayn came to love Galdriel as a mother.

          “Galdriel, explain something to me.” Fayn began, turning away from her mother. “Why did the elders try and keep me alive? Why only attack my mind?”

          Liana cut in before Galdriel could respond. “The prophecy!”

          “Yes, the prophecy. The reason the elders had me killed.” Galdriel stepped away from the wall and stood in the center of the room, all eyes now on her.

          Fayn and Daryn exchanged glances. “What prophecy? I am fluent in all texts regarding Elleron and Vindros.” Daryn interjected, “I have never heard of a prophecy.”

          Mari clapped loudly to get everyone’s attention. “Let the Song lady speak. I want to hear this one!”

          Galdriel nodded her head in Mari’s direction and began. As she spoke, Fayn kept her eyes on her mother, a creeping fear welling up inside her. “There shall be a division between light and dark, between nature and science, between the elements. This division will cause much suffering and pain, but out of the ashes shall come peace and tranquility.”

          Daryn spoke quietly to himself, analyzing the words being spoken. “The civil war with the dark elves, the coming of the Song.”

          Galdriel continued. “There shall come hence, when the time of choosing is unbalanced, two souls that are one. Tied to the elements, the two will reunite after a separation. Fire and earth will come together with air and water, and what follows will be war, and a great calamity will rain down upon the land.”

          Daryn scratched his head. “Two souls? I don’t understand.”

          Galdriel looked at the young male elf and nodded. “Neither did I, and just reading these words would not have been a crime, nor would the elders have a reason to hide such information. I have not figured out the true extent of the elders secrets, it was what I learned later that caused the elders to have concern.” The priestess looked over at Liana and waited patiently, a sad look in her emerald eyes.

          Everyone turned their attention to Liana, who began to shake with nervous anxiety. Liana was old, having lived just over eight cycles. She was thin and gaunt, her skin dried and cracked. Grey hair was tied back into a bun, brown eyes tired and worn. Elves generally aged well, but Liana had let herself go, always depressed, always alone.

          Liana spoke with a voice that wasn’t used to speaking at length, causing the others to move in closer and listen intently. “Galdriel came to confer with me about this prophecy. She told me how she had found the document while within Sanctuary. The words struck a chord within me, because of you Fayn...because of you.”

          Fayn rose from the cot and came to stand near Daryn, using his arm for support. “What about me mother?”

         “My secret shame.” Liana started to weep, holding her face in her hands.

          Galdriel sighed and took over for Liana. “Nearly two cycles ago there was a bright light in the skies over the Tarsus mountains. The elders sent a party of seasoned explorers to discover the source of the light. There in a cavern they found, encased in a block of ice, two children. One a dark elf male, the other a female elf with water blue hair.”

          Everyone in the room looked at Fayn, the only elf in all of Elleron with blue hair. There was complete and utter silence as each of them went over the implications of what was being revealed. It was Mari who broke the quiet spell. “Let me get this straight! As a child, Fayn was found frozen in an ice cube with a dark elf at the top of a mountain?” No one spoke, and Mari realized that no matter how ridiculous it sounded, the story was not a funny one.

          Daryn looked back at Liana. “But that would mean,”

          He was cut off by Liana, who said brokenly, “that Fayn...is not...my daughter."

         “Mother, I don’t understand.” Fayn whined, tears falling openly down her face.

          Liana looked Fayn in the eyes, perhaps for the first time in years. “My husband was part of the expedition to investigate the light. The party met with…resistance.” Liana closed her eyes and involuntarily started to fall, her legs giving out on her. Fayn rushed to her aid as she fell to her knees, her body quivering.

         “Mother!” Fayn cried.

          “He died covering the party’s escape from Tarsus, and the dangerous beast they found there. He died protecting you.” Liana was still, staring up at the ceiling. “The other child was lost in the commotion, left for dead. No one would shed a tear for a dark elf, so the child was forgotten.”

          Daryn spoke more to himself than anyone else. “Eliyas, her brother. Could it be?”

          “What happened then?” Fayn asked sobbing.

          Galdriel was the one to answer. “The elders swore the party to secrecy, not wanting word spread that a dark elf had been born after so many years. Liana was now widowed, and was given the charge to raise you as her own to keep the secret safe, and as the elders put it, to make sure her husband did not die in vain.”

          “I have mistreated you for many years Fayn, the loss of my husband creating in me a bitterness.” Liana explained. “Forgive me for my weakness, I was not there for you as I should have been. Galdriel, bless her soul, was there when I could not be.”

         “I love you mother.” Fayn held Liana close. “You’re cold, what is happening?”

          “I have been burdened by this secret for far too long.” Liana pressed her hand against Fayn’s cheek. “I wish to rest now. Forgive me Fayn, my husband waits for me within the Song Stream.”

          “No!” Fayn held onto Liana as tight as she could.

          “Goodbye...daughter.“ The last words were just a whisper, only audible to Fayn’s ears. Liana was dead, her lifeless body cold and limp in her arms. Fayn rocked her back and forth, the tears flowing freely.

          Mari fluttered over to the window, uncharacteristically quiet. She peered at the sky through the trees overhead, and could see the first rays of light marking the coming of dawn.




          Fayn drifted into a sleep brought on by sadness. She entered the Dreamscape and found herself caught in a storm. The sky was not visible to her, only dark clouds hung overhead. Rain, like the tears of god, poured down from the clouds, cutting at her face like drops of acid. Fayn pushed through the chaos wearing nothing but a cloak, the heavy winds whipping it up around her.

          Her emotions crafted the Dreamscape, but Fayn found that she could not control them. Nothing made sense to her anymore, and everything she knew was false. “Eliyas!” she screamed into the storm.

          Suddenly before her was a cave. Taking shelter within, Fayn found a campfire burning. Kneeling by the fire was Eliyas, his amber eyes reflecting the flames. “The truth is hard to accept is it not?”

          “I don’t know what to believe anymore.” Fayn replied. “Not that you would tell me what I need to know anyway.” She sat down next to the dark elf.

          Eliyas raised an eyebrow ever so slightly. “You wish to know about the prophecy.”

          “To start with!” Fayn was frustrated and angry now.

          “The elders fear that a great calamity will befall your people, and they believe you and I are the catalyst.” Eliyas ran his hands through his fire red hair.

          “Then why not kill me if I am such a danger to them?” she asked.

          “You and I are special Fayn. The elders wish to use you to empower themselves. They have been patiently waiting for the right time, but they don’t understand fully what they are dealing with.” Eliyas flicked his hand forward at the fire, causing the flames to dance around in an intricate pattern.

          Fayn watched the spectacle and instantly remembered the medallion. A division between elements; air and water, fire and earth. “Then, what are they dealing with?” Fayn shot back.

          Eliyas smirked and with a hand motion put out the fire. The cave was engulfed in darkness and Fayn found herself hurtling away from the Dreamscape as if she was pushed by force into the waking world. She could hear Eliyas’ final words echoing in her mind.

          “Come to me Fayn, come to the place of our birth. Come home…”



To Be Continued.....

←- Baptism of Fire Part 5 | Elfsong Part 7 -→

20 Jun 201045 Dac0720
Poor Fayn, talk about having everything piled up on ones shoulders. One cannot help but pity her for all her emotional suffering in such a short time. Now that the prophecy has been revealed along with part of Fayn’s origin all that’s left is to see what she will do with that information. Lots of info but not too wordy, keep it up!

58 Daniel Lynn Peak replies: "This is only the tip of the iceberg! Many revelations lie in wait for Fayn as the story progresses. The true origins of Fayn, the elders, the dark elves, and Altair himself will blow you away...."
10 Jul 2012:-) Genalee Simon
This was an intense chapter. I really liked how you explained a lot in this especially with her mother’s relationship and Galdriel’s sudden appearance. And I can’t wait to read more and see what you are going to do!!!

:-) Daniel Lynn Peak replies: "Please let me know what you think of the story as you read through. I love to hear what readers think of the material. Dont hold your punches, all critism is welcome. 2"
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'Elfsong Part 5':
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